Who is Cyrcus.org?

Below are images and links to CYRCUS.ORG performers. Here is a link to a composite video of a few of them: November Auditions - Strange Brew

Here is another composite performer video: Simonne's Birthday Party

Another: Hoop Girls

simonne cyrcus Simonne Garrigues • Silks, hoop, intermediate and advanced instruction. Seattle Aerial Arts

Stage direction, rigging, art direction, music mixing,

Simonne's Images - in construction

Simonne's Video 1

Simonne's Duo Video

Simonne's Video 2

Simonne's Video 3

Simonne's Video 4

Simonne's Video 5

Simonne's Video 6 - 2009

Simonne's Video 7 -2008

Simonne's Video 8 - 2008

Simonne's Video 9 - 2007

Simonne's Video 10 - 2007

cyrcus Julie Istvan • Silks, Production, Hoop

cyrcus Sanna M. Banana • Silks, Production, Marketing

Sanna's video #1

terry cyrcus Terry Crane • Rope, Cyr Wheel, Circus Syzygy...

laetitia cyrcus Laetitia Bodin • Silks, hoop, acrobalance. Laetitia performed for Cirque du Soleil for ten years and now makes Seattle her home.

nick cyrcus Nick Terstenjak • Rigger

adrienne cyrcus Adrienne Jack-Sands • Straps, silks, hoop. Adrienne resides in both Seattle and Sopelana, Spain and performs throughout the world.

lauren cyrcus Lauren Zemer • Aerialist, acrobatics, stage direction, production,co-direction, photography, videography... Seattle Aerial Arts

cyrcus Jennifer Lottes

Jennifer's Video 1

Jennifer's Video 2

laura cyrcus Laura Stokes • Silks, contortion

Laura's Video 1

stephanie cyrcus Stephanie Harper • Dancer, instructor, choreographer.

kelly cyrcus Kelly Marie Ward • Silks and hoop.

Kelly's Video 1


kadri cyrcus Kadri Hanson

bruce cyrcus Bruce Magnotti • Direction, production, music mixing Instruction of aerial fundamentals and ProLab. Seattle Aerial Arts

casia cyrcus Casia Townsley • Hoop, silks, art direction. Seattle Aerial Arts

Casia's Video 1

Casia's Video 2

Casia's Video 3

Casia's Video 4

carla cyrcus Carla Petrulli • Silks, hoop, make-up. Seattle Aerial Arts

Carla's Video 1

Carla's Video 2

quynbi cyrcus Quynbi Ada • Silks, hoop, beginning and intermediate instruction as well as one of our booking agents.

Quynbi's Video 1

EMAIL Cyrcus For Seattle Aerial Performers

or call Bruce Magnotti: 206.724.1977